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What do cars, x-rays, and MP3s have in common? They were all first engineered in Germany! Today, Germany is one of the leading export countries of machinery and technology. This elite status is primarily owed to the German phenomenon “Der Mittelstand”. The Mittelstand refers to the wide range of small to medium-sized enterprises that form almost 99% of all German companies, making them the heart of the German economy!

As products increase in their technological complexity, companies could choose to specialize in a part of some product’s value chain. One company could provide only logistical solutions, for example, aiding other companies in completing their end product. And that’s how the Mittelstand contributes to the variety of value chains, both on the local and global level!

Come and visit us this summer at the Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences as we break down the major components of the German engineering business: Science, Business, and Culture.

Science & Engineering

During your stay you will gain insight into various engineering fields, such as: climate-saving turbo machinery, modern automobile solutions, and game-changing medical technology. Our team of professors will make sure you are brought up to speed with the latest innovations in each field. They will also analyze with you how many sophisticated technologies are developed and how they make their way into the market.


As the name suggests, the Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences focuses on the application of knowledge. Our students are taught application and theory hand in hand and participate in many group projects throughout their studies.

What does that mean for you? Company visits! Daily visits to several of the region’s successful Mittelstand engineering companies are planned just for you to get your foot through the door. You learn about the technology during the morning lecture and in the afternoon you experience first-hand how the company excels in its niche of specialized technology. Networking with the company representatives is also on the table. So, you might want to print out your resumes!

Culture & Society

Maintaining a work-life balance is important in every profession and especially engineering. Engineers need to cool down, somewhat like the machines they develop, in order to stay productive and creative.

Summer is the ideal time to discover the variety of cultural activities Germany has to offer. Visiting some of Germany’s cultural heritages such as the Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex, trying out the local cuisine, and enjoying night life in the region’s metropolises are some of the recommended ways to enjoy your stay!

German Language Courses

Facilitating networking opportunities between students and professionals is a primary goal of our Summer School. Learning the German language can greatly improve your career prospects in the German job market, and we will help you achieve this.

Every participant of our Summer School will receive a six months access to the language learning App Babble at no extra cost! The membership starts as soon as you are admitted to the Summer School, so you can start practising before you travel to Germany and continue long after you return.

Whatever your long-term goals may be, a foreign language will always look good on your CV!

Credit Hours

As the Summer School is a primarily educational program, you will receive a certificate of participation and 2 to 3 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) that you can validate at your university back home. The daily lectures and the applied sessions during company visits are included in the calculation of these credit hours. The submittal of a scientific paper on one of the covered topics is an option to increase the number of ECTS to 3.
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